FIFA eWorld Cup 2020™

FIFA eWorld Cup 2020™

How To Play

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Learn how to compete on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2020:

1. Register

Registration ends on October 31, 2019. All eligible players interested in becoming a FUT Champions Verified competitor in the upcoming year must register before this date. Please note that players who do not complete their registration by October 31, 2019 will be ineligible to compete in any FUT Champions Cups qualifiers or earn any Global Series Points until registration is opened again from January 16th to 31st, 2020.

2. Become FUT Champions verified

Registered players prove that they are good enough to compete in the FIFA 20 Global Series by racking up wins in the FUT Champions Weekend League. Registered players can become FUT Champions Verified by winning 27 games in a single Weekend League. Once a player achieves Verified status, they are eligible to earn Global Series Points and play in online qualifiers for the rest of the season. Players can become verified from playing Weekend Leagues through February 4th, 2020.

3. Head-to-Head online qualifiers

Once a competitor is FUT Champions Verified, they may be invited to subsequent Online Qualification Tournaments for FUT Champions Cups throughout the season. Every Live Event will have a cutoff date by which you must be FUT Champions Verified in order to compete. Each live event will have Online Qualification Tournaments for different regions, creating regular global qualification opportunities.

These tournaments will utilize a combination of Swiss and Single Elimination formats to determine live event qualification. This means that only organized head-to-head tournaments among the top FUT Champions players in the world will determine qualification for live events. To be the best, you will have to beat the best. Online Qualification Tournaments will take place during a single weekend roughly one month before the Live Event. 

This year, competitors who qualify for the knockout-stage of the online qualifier tournament but fail to qualify for the live event will earn FIFA Global Series Ranking Points.

4. Earn Points

In order to qualify for the FIFA eWorld Cup, FUT Champions Verified Players will need to earn Global Series Points by competing in various live events or playing in the Weekend League. As players earn points, they’ll move up the Global Series Rankings. Live events will provide the majority of Global Series Points, while a smaller (but not insignificant) number can be earned by achieving 20 to 27+ wins in Weekend Leagues from November through April.

The final event to earn Global Series Points at will be the Global Series Playoffs where the top 64 players on the Global Series Rankings on each platform will make one last push to secure a spot in the FIFA eWorld Cup.