FIFA eWorld Cup 2019™

FIFA eNations Cup Prizes

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In addition to international glory and a prize pool of USD 100,000 at stake for the teams, players selected by their member association for the FIFA eNations Cup 2019 will also have the chance to win up to 1,500 EA SPORTS FIFA 19 Global Series points, providing them with an opportunity to move up the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings and take a significant step forward on the Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup™ 2019.

More information about the distribution of the Global Series Points can be found here.

Distribution of the prize money and the Global Series Points:*

EA SPORTS Global Series points (per player)

1st place: 1500

2nd place: 850

3rd – 4th place: 625

5th – 8th place: 450

9th – 16th place: 275

17th – 20th place: 150

Prize money (per team)

1st place: USD $40,000

2nd place: USD $20,000

3rd – 4th place: USD $8,000

5th – 8th place: USD $3,000

9th – 16th place: USD $1,100

17th – 20th place: USD $800

*This prize money and the Global Series Points do not accumulate and are only distributed once the final placings have been confirmed.

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