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FIFA Confederations Cup

13 days to go: An amazing sight in Saint Petersburg


There are currently 13 working drawbridges in Russia’s Northern Capital. Every night during the navigation season, ten bridges are lifted according to a fixed schedule, while a further three can be opened by appointment. There are actually seven other drawbridges in the city, but in recent years they have not been used. Overall, there are about 800 bridges of different kinds in Saint Petersburg.

The Confederations Cup 2017 takes place from 17 June to 2 July, during the famous White Nights, which is the best time to enjoy the drawbridges being lifted. Visitors to the Venice of the North are encouraged to take in this spectacle in order to get the full Saint Petersburg experience.

Saint Petersburg will host the Opening Match of the Tournament of Champions between Russia and New Zealand on 17 June, plus Cameroon-Australia on 22 June, New Zealand-Portugal on 24 June and the Final on 2 July. 

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