FIFA Confederations Cup Korea/Japan 2001

FIFA Confederations Cup Korea/Japan 2001

30 May - 10 June

FIFA Confederations Cup 2001

Average of two goals and 32,000 spectators per match

The 12 group matches of the FIFA Confederations Cup Korea/Japan 2001 have produced a total of 25 goals – and average of only just over two per match.

This compares with 35 goals scored by the same stage of the competition in 1999.

A total of some 380,000 spectators have watched the games so far, and average of over 31,000.

In Korea, the average crowd has been around 36,000 while in Japan the figures stands at about 26,000.

Two years ago in Mexico, where the stadiums were larger, the crowd averaged over 68,000.

The referees have not had to show many cards so far : only two red cards (both for a second yellow) and 36 yellow cards have been applied in the first 12 matches. Of these, nine yellows and one yellow-red were imposed upon the team of Australia.

The figures in Mexico at the same stage were almost identical : 36 yellows and four reds.