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Goal-line technology testing process continues

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At the 125th International Football Association Board (IFAB) Annual General Meeting (AGM) in Wales on 5 March this year, the Board agreed to the further extension of experimentation with goal-line technology (GLT).

The IFAB appointed FIFA to further evaluate the current technology status. An independent testing institute will verify the accuracy and functionality of different technology providers’ systems, in line with the principles laid out in October 2010 by the IFAB (see the media release 'IFAB agrees to re-examine goal-line technology').

In order to evaluate the current technologies available, FIFA is hereby inviting interested GLT providers, including those who took part in tests carried out at the Home of FIFA in February this year, to participate in the further extension of experimentation with GLT.

The tests will be conducted in two phases at a football stadium selected by the respective technology providers, in consultation with FIFA. Companies have until 3 June 2011 to submit their expression of interest to FIFA via e-mail to: Following this initial process, interested parties will be required to confirm their participation via a formal registration concluding on 7 July 2011.

During the first testing phase (September to December 2011), each individual system will be scrutinised using stringent pass/fail criteria, both during daylight and at night under floodlights. These criteria include:


• A goal indication to referee’s watch (automatically displayed by vibration and visual signal)
• Signal range (full coverage of the pitch and technical areas)
• Free shots on goal (100% recognition)
• Static accuracy test (minimum 90% correct recognition in this first phase)
• Dynamic accuracy test (minimum 90% correct recognition in this first phase)

Further technical specifications regarding the testing can be found in the PDF document ('Goal-line technology (GLT) specifications' on the right). 



Following the first phase, the test institute, in consultation with the IFAB, will establish a shortlist of companies who will proceed to the second testing phase, based on the above criteria. In the event that a company is admitted and proceeds to the second testing phase (March to June 2012), a higher volume of tests will be conducted to ensure a more precise evaluation of the fitness of a technology and to provide a full statistical analysis. This will include more simulated match scenarios as well as other factors including: software reliability; transmission signal quality; performance under changing weather conditions as well as on different pitch surfaces.

The final results of this evaluation will be presented to the IFAB at a special meeting in July 2012.

* The International Football Association Board (IFAB) comprises representatives ofEngland’s Football Association (The FA), the Scottish Football Association (SFA), the Football Association ofWales(FAW) andNorthern Ireland’s Irish Football Association (IFA), as well as FIFA.*

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